About Cotswold Village Rooms

The delight of stumbling across a lovely village in our travels can leave long-lasting memories.

Sitting beside a village stream watching a kingfisher, opening a weathered, wooden gate set in a beautiful stone wall to find a hidden apple orchard and old beehives, buying some local honey and raspberry curd from the village shop, climbing a pathway up a hill covered in wild flowers set in a landscape steeped in history, taking time to explore an ancient church and its local inhabitants – all these experiences and so many more helped to create Cotswold Village Rooms.

Cotswold Village Rooms has evolved from living and working in and around villages in this unique and very special part of Britain and from a love of staying as a friend, visitor, host and guest in different homes, inns, and small, independent hotels in tucked-away places.

A Memorable Stay

Cotswold Village Rooms leave the main tourist landmarks to offer visitors and travellers a memorable stay in village accommodation that’s been carefully selected for its distinct and individual character, charm, and comfort – and each one placed solely within a lovely village or hamlet setting.

All Cotswold Village Rooms take time to search out the very best local produce to offer guests. We are all passionate about quality, traditional values, and for making sure our guests feel relaxed, at home and welcome.

Preserving these gorgeous landscapes and supporting village life and rural enterprises comes high on our reason for being. With membership of Cotswolds Tourism and our support for the work of the Cotswold Conservation Board Visitor Giving Scheme and other important organisations you will be helping to ensure this continues for generations.

Do stay awhile and we just know you will leave and hopefully return to the Cotswolds and to Cotswold Village Rooms with many enduring memories of this perfect place.

Chipping Campden